Monday, 14 November 2011

American Food

At Last! A Comprehensive Guide to the National Dishes of America - State by State, Complete with Recipes!

Discover how each State has something special to offer to the diverse culture of USA...

Finally we have a complete guide to the national dishes of each state that make up America.

Have you ever wondered about where fast food came from???

Or blueberry muffins were first invented?

Or have you ever struggled to find the authentic recipes to create your favourite foods?

Well look no further....

This Comprehensive Guide is Perfect!

Discover The National Dishes For ALL 50 American States.

Gain Knowledge About Each State Including Their Respective Flags.

Discover Their National Drinks And Desserts Also.

Have The Authentic Recipe For Their National Dishes, So That You Can Recreate Them In Your Home.

Experience A Different American State Everyday Of The Week.

The Next Time You Travel To The US, You Will Have The Knowledge And Confidence To Fit In Perfectly.

Impress The Locals With Your Depth of Knowledge.

You Can Even Plan Your Trip Around This Guide...Which States Are You Definitely Going To Visit???

And Much More...

For a free sample visit.....

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